Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eggcentric Advertising

Be Eggceptional! 
Be Eggstraordinary!

Wait...Did you notice something wrong with these fabulous adjectives that describe how great you could be? Of course, you noticed this eggceptional (pardon me, exceptional :) play on words that this advertising company came up with. What is this all about? You may wander. This smart linguistic trick was designed  to convince you to donate your eggs, as in human egg cells, or to become a surrogate mother.

 Lately, I've been noticing these advertisements popping up all over the T. Considering the myriads of college students, they are targeting the right market. When I first saw these, I was struck by how far we have come in terms of technology and acceptance of in vitro for these advertisement to appear on the T. Years ago people could not even fathom this was possible. Today this has become a part of our everyday reality. 

Philosophy aside, I think by likening a woman to a fruit-bearing tree with delicate branches and flowers, the ads evoke lovely associations with feminine. I hope they get an award in the advertising world. Don Draper and Peggy of the "Mad Men" would have been proud to claim these as their own work, though again this was sci fi in the 60s.

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