Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Of faux fur and bunnies

You guessed it, my new post is going to be about hats again. Another type of hat that is now popular on the "T" is a faux fur hat with fluffy warm ear flaps that tie together, and a furry brim. What's more, I now own it, big thank you to my sis who gave it to me as a gift on New Years Eve. What I adore about my new hat the most is that each of its strings bears two fluffy pompoms, the stuff of childhood. Isn't it fun to jingly your pompoms on your long commute?

My husband recently told me that it reminds him of a Russian style hat, and he's absolutely correct. Remember that movie "Spies Like Us" with Chevy Chase, the bluish gray hats that Russian boarder patrol were wearing are the same style as fax-fur hats that are popular in Boston this winter.

The only difference is that here, in the non-Communist regime, these hats come in a variety of colors and hues. When my sister presented me with the two choices, an adventurous side of me wanted to pick the colorful one (image below), but I convinced myself that it just would not go with my chocolaty, brown fox trimmed, Brooklyonish coat, plus my style tends to be, if i may say so, more classy and subdued. Just before I got my hat, I saw a girl walking to the "T" and wearing all black, black coat, black scarf and boots, quite unremarkable, if not for the colorful faux-fur hat illuminating her broad, red cheeked face. But, what's more special about my hat is that it's sparkly, and I can even go out in the sunlight (a pun here for Twilight fans, I could not resist). I feel like I've given you too much description of myself, you could even spot me on the "T".

Now, why in the title of my post, do you think I mentioned bunnies? That's because a long time ago, back in the old country (hence the absence of proper "a" and "the" in my blog), I used to own a hat just like this, but it was made with bunny fur. I was just a tween ("too old for toys and too young for boys" as the Urban Dictionary cleverly explains), and I actually did not care for the way I looked in my hat, but then again there remains to be found a person, especially a tween, who is completely happy with their winter hat appearance. So the story goes is that once, I was walking with a girl friend of mine down the school hallway, cuddled in hat, on my way out of the building. Suddenly two boys, pimply upperclassmen, take notice of me and say "Hey, man, take care of your girlfriend, she's very pretty." Mindless to say, with a hidden sadness in my voice, I kept telling everyone how hillarious the whole situation was.

Speaking of boys, the faux fur hats that men are currently wearing on the "T" remind me of Holden Caufield's red hunting hat. They have checkered plaid pattern, and come not only in red, but a combination of other manly colors.


Hillel Sims said...

My hats off to you on another write up. Keep this up and maybe the metro will ask you to give a quote or to print one of your posts.

Anonymous said...

I do agree those hats are very warm. My dad wears a similar one from the postal service into the winter months.

mashasims said...

@Hillel Sims.
Sweetheart, thank you, actually means a lot that you liked my post. I like your pun 'my hat goes off to you..." :-) As far as "the Metro", I hope so, one day.

mashasims said...

@darksam007 Sam, thank you so much for your comment. I like your screen name, also reminds be of the agent, 007. Yes, that's a good point, I did not realize that these hats were also used for work purposes in the US as well.

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