Monday, May 16, 2011

Skinny Jeans on the T

Circa Fall 2005, I remember going into a mall, and it was like seeing a ghost--leggings were back in style. I felt like I was transported back to the future; the 80s were back..

Then in the Fall 2010, I noticed something revolutionary appearing on the T--legging jean--a fusion of leggins and jeans. Needless to say, this new style completely rehabilitated the image of leggings in my mind. These leggings-jeans are stretchy and soft like leggings, but to the uninitiated, they look like--skinny jeans! Remember that episode of "Sex and the City" that coined the phrase "skinny jeans", when Miranda tried to fit into her tight fitting jeans? It is not only their denim-like material, with colors such as faded blue and indigo that adds to the confusion, it is also the back pockets that make them look more like jeans. Some of these leggins-jeans even have the worn-out or ripped patches to make them look more like those old tight fitting jeans that you have burried in your closet from the 80s.

Now it's Spring 2011, and leggings-jeans are still popular on the T. What is so great about this style is that it also allows for a comfortable commute; no more tight fitting harsh fabric, or buttons from the real jeans pressing into your belly, yay for the legging jean!

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