Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shawls vs. Macchiatto?

top: Russian Woolen Shawl
bottom: Pashima Shawl in Style Now
Every year fashion trends seem to be inspired by a certain country or culture. For example 2007 was India. I recall seeing a lot of loosely fitting tunics (inspired by kameez), in bright colors with paisley patterns, dotted with rhinestones. I myself had one of those "matternity" style tunics, white with black pattern. And this year 2010-2011--where does the inspiration come from--none other but Mother Russia.

First there were the faux fur hats (ushanka as they are called in Russian, from ushi which means ears, and they do cover the ears pretty well), but that's not all. The real proof is the shawls this year. The patterns look similar to the traditional Russian shawl. Presenting you with two pictures to compare.

How much I wanted to get myself one of these shawls! There was  a girl selling them at the Charles/MGH stop, two for twenty bucks, but I never had cash on me. Alas, I floundered for too long, and by the time I was ready to get them the scarves/shawls stand was replaced by the organic fair trade coffee/espresso on the go stand.

Throughout the cold winter, I observed the sales person shifting from foot to foot at the cold T station, warming her hands on the hot coffee jugs. Do you think I ought to buy myself a nice cup of macchiatto? Though once again, like in that dear old cartoon I used to watch, about the turtle who was slow to change his clothing for each season, so he would come out wearing skies in the summer, once again I am late as it's almost summer, and it's time for a coolata.

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