Monday, January 3, 2011

Hats with animal ears

The winter is in full swing in Boston, Massachusetts. While I've been contemplating finding just the right kind of hat for myself and in the meantime perpetuating a fashion disaster by wearing my three-year old's navy and red hat with a tassle, I've noticed a big development in the 'hat compartment' :-) on the T. People are wearing wool/knitted hats (or acrylic ones) that look like adorable little animals with ears on top! 

I always knew that it's every mom's dream to have their kiddo adorned with a hat like this. Turns out, this year it's in fashion for adults and teens as well, both men and women alike! You can't believe how many guys I saw on the red line and the green line sporting these hats. I am sure their moms are going little piggy grew and became a big....

I first read about the hats with animal ears in the Metro, the Christmas issue ; it was an article that suggested gifts for various types of people in your life, even your local drug dealer (wow, we've moved past the 80s "don't do drugs", haven't we?) Besides the point, this issue suggested that the best gift would be a hat with animal ears even if you don't have kids. So I wonder if Bostonians got some ideas from this article, though I doubt that so many people follow the suggestions made in the Metro.

In any case, I love this trend. I've also seen a baby wearing this cute sock monkey hat at Wholefoods recently. I even complimented the mother. Apparently, these sock monkey hats are also available for adults.

Well, here is a question of the day: What animal would you like to be, or rather what type of animal hat would you like to wear?


Anonymous said...

I would like to be a bird but I don't think I would want to wear a bird hat

mashasims said...

@ keshaptichka:

My beautiful budgie, I guess I should have known you would want to be a birdie. Thank you for being the first one to comment and to support my new crazy idea, at least I am writing something. Hopefully, I'll find a time to post about the new hat that you gave me ;-)

Hillel Sims said...

I'm supporting you, I just don't want to wear an animal hat. On my shirt maybe, but not my hat.

mashasims said...

@ Hillel Sims
Hi Sweetheart, just the other day I was looking at that wolf shirt I gave you a long time ago. By the way, of course I know that you are supporting me, it's just that Alla beat you to the first comment :-)

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