Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers: Hunter vs. Animals

On the way to the Boylston T Stop:
Rain boots galore during an April Shower
I hope you are ejoying the short-lived Spring in Boston. On a day like today, hot and humid; it feels like the Summer has already out-wrestled the Spring, but wait, and in a few hours gray clouds and a cool breeze will bring about an April shower.

In an uncertain weather like this, many of us will get away with wearing clogs, crocs (if they have no holes in them), or snickers, but some ladies will still be spotted wearing rubber boots.  It used to be that rubber boots were something that kids wore or else they were associated with a farmer stepping through a wet grass spotted with manure. Nowadays, rubber boots have attained a special veneered place int the hierarchy of knee-high boots. 

On the T (if you just search the platform with your tired eyes, careful not to cross the yellow line! :-), you might see  rubber boots in many different shapes and colors, but the leading trend is rain boots by Hunter. It does not matter if your boots are kelly green, or paisley and pink, which are, by the way, most popular choices for Hunter boots on the T, as long as it says Hunter on it, which is a big white label with a prominent red border, you are in fashion and wearing something coveted by others.

Ironically, yet another style, which is popular on the T are rubber boots with animal patterns, zebra or tiger stripes, produced by lesser known companies. To summarize, it's Hunter versus animals--you make the choice. What if one rightfully wants to combine the two by splurging on Hunter boots with animal prints. Alas, such boot does not exist. At least I could not find them online. Hunters and animals are not friends after all, not even when it comes to rain boots. I leave you with a quote from a musical called "Urinetown", "Don't be the Bunny, be the Hunter!"

PS: If you really want the animals prints, you could get the Hunter fleece Welly socks with leopard or zebra pattern, made specifically to fit Hunter boots. These socks have cuffs that go over the boot to show off yet another Hunter label.  Here is an idea, you could wear these socks with non-Hunter boots, and then you could still have the Hunter label for less. 


Alla said...

This was my favorite story! i tried those "cool hunter " boots when it was still January b/c sales man said that those were the only waterproof and when i said they are called he told me all about the sock. That is when I realized it was a fashionable to get it more then anything b/c all the teenage girls were sitting with their mothers and trying them on

mashasims said...

My dear, thank you for your comment!!! I am glad you liked this post. Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, I agree with you. When you have to buy special socks in addition, to keep your feet warm, it's all about fashion. Wow, it's funny that you saw all these teen girls buying them. we should still get ourselves some rain boots to join the little munchkins when they jump in the puddles :)

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